The Gym Facebook Ad Targeting Guide

Welcome to the Hungry Fox Gym Facebook Targeting Guide!

One of the most overlooked pieces in any gym marketing campaign is the targeting you are using to serve your ad on Facebook.

You could have the most dazzling, best written ad of the century.

You could have an irresistible offer that prospects salivate over.

But if you're not showing it to the right people, you'll never get a steady stream of new members coming in from your Facebook ads.

Use this super-simple targeting guide to get your ads in front of the right people so Facebook can utilize the most powerful ad platform on the planet to get you more members now.

  • Some quick notes before you get started:
  • Always start with the most wide open targeting possible, then refine with interest targeting to experiment. Too many interests will kill your ad's reach, meaning it will reach fewer people for far more money.
  • Radius around your gym will vary. You know your service area better than anyone, so rely on your local knowledge. Some areas, people are used to longer commutes, other places don't venture outside of their area at all. Use your best judgment. American gyms can experiment with zip code targeting as well. This feature is not available in the U.K., Australia or Canada at this time.
  • I would almost never consider combining men and women into one ad. In rare cases this can work, but in most cases, ads that attract men tend to be different than ones that attract women

Implement this targeting advice for your next campaign for instant improvement on all your campaigns.

Gym Facebook Ad Targeting

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