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Is your fitness offer compelling enough?

One of the more common concerns gym owners have with Facebook ads is lead “quality” Concerns over people not responding, being tirekickers, not serious about fitness etc. And you might wonder how you can overcome that. Maybe you’ve tried: putting price in your ads, using longer forms that qualify people by including more information, asking a lot of […]

Can you collect payment online?

I know you’re busy so I’ll make this fast. In fact, this post has to do with being busy. Too busy to follow up with people showing interest in your gym. I get it.  Things are happening, there’s drama with coaches, billing to figure out classes to run.  It’s hard to follow up with people quickly and really give […]

To Gym Groupon or Not to Gym Groupon?

To Groupon or not to Groupon? That is the question. First off,  here’s what Groupon does really well. It gets your business seen by a lot of people. It’s a popular platform, no doubt and you WILL get a lot of attention if you have an attractive offer. Second, Groupon will get people in the […]

Why Gym Owners are Bunch of Hypocrites

A thought occurred to me recently. I talk to a lot of gym owners and personal trainers, and they’re always talking to people who want to meet their fitness goals, but they’re not ready to take the action to make that happen. They don’t really change their diet that much, and they don’t really exercise […]