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Should I put price in my gym ads?

Here’s a quick brain teaser. One thing see gym owners struggle with is whether to put price in their ads or not. Two schools of thought on this: 1) Price is a filter – “Putting price on the ad filters out freeloaders, tire-kickers and bargain hunters. If I put the price on the ad, then I know only serious people will reach out to […]

The Gym Facebook Ad Targeting Guide

Welcome to the Hungry Fox Gym Facebook Targeting Guide! One of the most overlooked pieces in any gym marketing campaign is the targeting you are using to serve your ad on Facebook. You could have the most dazzling, best written ad of the century. You could have an irresistible offer that prospects salivate over. But if you’re not showing […]

Is your physique killing your gym?

I’m looking into my crystal ball at your website. You probably have an About Us page with you and your coaches on it.Beside your bio, it probably lists all your qualifications and trainings you’ve taken.Then it has some stuff about how you’re an elite level athlete, played this sport, are ex-military, competed in this competition […]