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Pay Per Lead Advertising

Get quality leads delivered every day. We pay the ad spend. We take on the risk. You only pay for the leads you get. Nice and easy.

Reactivation Campaigns

Got a list of old prospects, former clients/customers, people who have bought in the past? If you're sitting on a list of folks you're not doing much with, we'll reactivate them and sell them for you! And we'll only get paid if you make sales. We'll find the piles of cash you've been missing!


Your sales and marketing processes stuck? Or just need a second opinion? Get the sales plumbers so unclog your dirty, funky clogged systems.

Who are we?


Hungry Fox Marketing is lead by Ben Poggemiller.

In addition to running this agency with my small team, I also co-own a local pool & hot tub business. So I practice what I preach.

After spending over $150k on ads and helping to sell millions in products and services across a variety of industries, chances are I can help you...even if it's just some advice on our intro call.

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